April Showers by Celia Berk


Louis Silvers/ B.G. DeSylva
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Scott Lehrer at Big Orange Sheep & 2nd Story Sound, NYC

Art Direction by Stefan Bucher for 344books.com
Photo: Helane Blumfield | Hair & Makeup: Maria Miliotis
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April Showers

Louis Silvers/ B.G. DeSylva

Celia Berk, vocals
Tedd Firth, piano
Arranged by Tedd Firth & Mark Nadler


My recording of April Showers was prompted by my collaboration with Director Mark Nadler and Music Director Tedd Firth. As we were developing my cabaret show ON MY WAY TO YOU: Improbable Stories That Inspired An Unlikely Path, I shared that April Showers is the earliest song I can remember hearing. My father loved Al Jolson and was always singing this signature Jolson song. Mark, a Jolson aficionado, quickly spotted it as the perfect way to set the scene for the stories we would tell in the show, starting with Jolson’s.

I decided to release April Showers as a single in time for the show’s debut. Luckily, Tedd and I were already in the studio working on an album, and we were able to take advantage of that opportunity to record it.

A century after its first recording, its message shines through: Life is not without its troubles. But with the right attitude, you can spot the good things that come after a storm. That’s certainly been true for me.

As you can hear, Tedd and Mark shaped April Showers in a way unlike Jolson’s version. And, as an introduction to my collaboration with them, well — as Jolson would say — You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet!

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